Shhhhhh…Whisper with Jersey Shore’s JWOWW

Jersey Shore's JWOWW

On Thursday night, when most Jersey Shore fans were glued to MTV to catch the season finale, Jenni “JWOWW” Farley was hosting “The Secret” at Whisper nightclub in Philly’s Rittenhouse Square neighborhood.

Arriving almost 30 minutes late, JWOWW posed for photos outside on Walnut Street before heading inside. She again paused for photos in front of Whisper’s DJ booth before moving to a VIP area overlooking the main floor.

VIP View
Gone in a Blur


Again, photos were taken. Unlike many of the other Jersey Shore events that Independent Philly has covered in the past (including Pauly D, Vinny, and JWOWW), JWOWW was kept at a distance from her rabid fans. There was little pushing and shoving and screaming to try to get her attention but that was mostly because she was further removed from the crowd than we’d seen in the past.

The interior of Whisper has changed greatly since it was renovated from Denim which was located there for many years. The main room has been opened up, multi-tiered VIP levels have been added above the main floor and the lighting, sound, and decor have all been given make-overs.

Lasers shoot across the dance-floor, scantly clad dancers move on top of speakers and against the wall, and bottles are delivered to private tables with lit sparklers on top of them. After all, if you’re going to shell out money for bottle service, you might as well announce it (visually) to the entire club. Whisper is the kind of place where Philadelphians flock because they want to feel important (but in many cases, not necessarily because they are). They do a very good job of catering to their specific clientele.

I'm Glovin' It

After a while JWOWW vanished from the VIP area but returned about 45 minutes later. At this point she was done with photos and security stood tightly around her and new boyfriend Roger Matthews. Even requests from other VIP’s for photos were denied at this point as she had clearly had enough attention for the evening.

Girls, Girls, Girls
Gazing Down from VIP
Bottles in the Club

JWOWW and Matthews sipped cocktails and chatted with Whisper staff and other patrons in the VIP and watched the crowd dance on the main floor below.

JWOWW & Roger Matthews
NBC Sports Anchor John Clark's Take on March Madness
Main Floor

Around 1:45am we gathered our belongings, left the VIP, and called it a night. Jersey Shore fans will now have to wait for the next season (which will be filmed in Italy) but fans of Whisper can get their fix again tonight and all weekend long.

Full slide show of JWOWW at Whisper:

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