Seven Lions at Soundgarden Hall

Seven Lions returned to Soundgarden Hall on Saturday, March 15th as part of his ongoing ‘Worlds Apart’ tour.  The show featured support from opening acts Chris Rivera and Michael Myers.

Seven Lions-7

Saturday marked Seven Lions fourth time performing in Philadelphia, and his second time performing at Soundgarden Hall.  Although we recently had the chance to catch Seven Lions when he opened for Pretty Lights at the Susquehanna Bank center, we were happy to see him return as a headlining act.

Seven Lions-31

When we got to Soundgarden Michael Myers was warming the crowd up with some deep house tunes.  The lights in the venue were set to a dim level as people filed into the venue.  Come 12:20am, Seven Lions had made his way out onto the stage to prepare to take over, and you could hear the excitement emanating from the crowd.  Ten minutes later, he began his set as the crowd chanted his name, “Seven Lions! Seven Lions!”.

Seven Lions-47

Rocking an Irish (we presume) kilt in celebration of St. Paddy’s Fay, Seven Lions wasted no time turning things up a notch.  His high-energy set was in stark contrast to Myers set, and from his first song to his last, it was non-stop, up-beat fire.

Seven Lions-77

Seven Lions set was a smorgasbord of genres.  From trance, to bass, to a trap song or two sprinkled in the mix, his track selection was not only diverse but extremely on point.  Come 2am, we realized the night was just about over, and wondered where the time had gone.  It seems that we were not the only ones, as a loud “One More Song!” chant began almost the second Seven Lions walked off the stage.

Seven Lions-81

For his final song of the night, Seven Lions played his remix to ‘Satellite’ by Oceanlab.  Seven Lions ran out from behind the DJ booth and raged out in front of the crowd for the final track.  It appeared that everyone loved it, and we thought it was a very cool way for him to end the show.  After the show, Seven Lions took the time to take photos with fans, which is something we always love seeing (artists giving back to the fans)

[Article by: Steve Garfinkel Photo credit: Dan Drufovka]

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