Rufus Du Sol at Underground Arts

On Wednesday, October 8 we decided to head over to Underground Arts to check out up-and-coming artists ‘Rufus Du Sol’. Rufus Du Sol has been on a tear recently, receiving much attention from music fanatics for their highly acclaimed ‘Desert Night’ EP.

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Weekdays are always a hard sell for any concert in Philadelphia, and as expected, Underground Arts was not packed. However, the crowd that had come out to support Rufus Du Sol was made up of dedicated fans that sung along to every song.
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Before Rufus Du Sol took to the stage we were graced with the dirty, trap-infused sound from Australia’s ‘Hermitude’. Hermitude’s sound had a unique kick that reminded us a bit of ‘What So Not’. These Aussies really knew how to get the party started and did not seem the least bit disappointed by the crowd size. What stood out the most about Hermitude’s set were the visuals. Hermitude performs with GoPro cameras live streaming theie hand movements on the decks, keyboard, and various other midi controllers; this dynamic duo makes sure that nobody questions there DJing ability.
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After a short intermission Rufus Du Sol took the stage to an excited crowd. They quickly won the crowd over with their charm. Rufus Du Sol joked with the crowd about how ecstatic they were to be in America as the food was vastly better than what they had been eating in Europe – we weren’t sure if they were joking (unless they’d spent an extended time in England). It was hard not to be captivated by Rufus Du Sol’s performance. The trio has uncanny chemistry together on stage and perform with a passion that many of today’s acts lack.
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All of the music coming out of Australia recently has been on another level. The sounds are fresh and different and something that we openly want to hear more of. So be sure to check out both Rufus Du Sol and Hermitude and get a taste of the land down under.

[Article and Photos by Dan Drufovka]

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