Reality Check: Fantasy Square Garden is a Dream Come True for Music Lovers


On Thursday night, after almost 13 hours of extra work in the new Bradley Cooper & Robert De Nero movie “Dark Fields”, I was exhausted. All I could think about was heading home, showering, changing from my suit into some comfy clothes, and getting off of my throbbing feet.


Just as I was walking through the door the alarm on my phone went off. It was a reminder that “Fantasy Square Garden” was playing a gig at Johnny Brenda’s. I wondered if the failed theory of “trickle down economics” could somehow be applied to my situation. If I subjected my eyes and ears to some killer tunes, could they work their way through my body and ease my aches and pains? It was certainly worth the risk. After showering and changing into something more appropriate I hopped in a cab and headed to the show.


I arrived just in time to chat with the band before they headed to the stage. They seemed as pumped to play the show as I was to see it. I’d heard great things about their sound and had seen some of the members play in previous bands so I had fairly high expectations.

Fantasy Square Garden did not disappoint.

Who is FSG? I’m glad you asked.

Alison Wadsworth
David Cope
Demian Mason

Fantasy Square Garden, now a six piece combo hailing from Philadelphia, is the red headed stepchild of singers David Cope, Alison Wadsworth, and bass player Demian Mason. After teaming up with Claire, Alison’s keyboard playing and singing sister, drummer Tony Catastrophe, and most recently guitarist Andy Keenan, the group began taking their eclectic bag of original songs to the stage.

Alison Wadsworth
David Cope
Demian Mason

FSG’s music ranges from Jefferson Airplane flavored psych-rock to a harder British Invasion sound (with some elements of R&B and southern rock thrown in for good measure). The band is working on recording their debut CD and plays regularly in the Philadelphia area.

Claire Wadsworth
Andy Keenan
Tony Catastrophe

Amongst their credits was a stellar gig opening for chanteuse Charlotte Gainsbourg at the Theatre of The Living Arts.

Dan Schwartz of the band "Good Old War", fresh off the Bamboozle Tour, takes in Fantasy Square Garden

At this point you’re probably a little bummed that you weren’t on hand Thursday night as the crowd of FSG fans danced, head-bobbed, and sang along with almost every song.

Fret not. Fantasy Square Garden will again be gracing Philadelphia with a performance this Friday night (May 14th) at The Fire (located at 4th and Girard). Doors open at 9pm and the cover is a laughable $8.

Trust me, if the government knew you could have such a good time for under $10 they’d probably make it illegal. Head out to The Fire this Friday night and catch this band so that in two years you can tell your friends that you saw FSG play in Philadelphia BEFORE they were insanely popular. Once their debut CD drops, it’ll be too late.

If you want to stay up to date with all of Fantasy Square Garden’s gigs, you can check them out at

While the band’s sound changes drastically from one song to the next (if you were to close your eyes during their show you might begin to wonder if it was just one band on stage) Independent Philly is going to give you a small taste of what you are in store for this Friday night with this exclusive Fantasy Square Garden original song,  “Julee”

Download it here:


Here is a link to a video we shot of FSG playing their song “Blue Avenue” during their show at The Fire:–0m26qUXec

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