Rage By The Pound Tour with SKisM, Mayhem, and Victor Niglio at The Troc

The ‘Rage By The Pound’ tour made its way to the legendary Trocadero Theater on Friday, March 7th for an action packed night of DJ sets. The tour, headlined by SKisM, also included Mayhem, and Philly native, Victor Niglio.

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To add fuel to an already fire line-up, the opening slots were filled by two of our favorite locals, Aaron Ruxbin, and Architekt.

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Despite the ability to give himself some prime time slots at his Actual Records events, Ruxbin isn’t one to thrust himself into the spotlight. He’d rather showcase his label mates and the slew of other talented DJs in and around Philadelphia. We chose to pay no attention to his checked ego and judge him solely upon the quality of his sets (and not the time slot in which they occur). Based on merit alone (track selection + use of vinyl) he’s become one of our favorite DJs to see playing across the city. Friday night was no different as he kicked off the Rage By The Pound tour with an all-Philly inspired set that was witnessed by few but deeply appreciated. Not only does he push local DJs into the spotlight, he rocked a set composed almost entirely of their productions. That’s Philly love.

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Peep the track listing below:

1. Gracie – In Humble [Bombe Remix] (Theta Operations 002)
2. Noncanon – Chemical Flowers [DJ Ruxbin + Shane Six Ten re-edit] (Actual Records 007)
3. Jack Deezl – Heart Murmurs (Actual Records 022)
4. Major Lazer – Lazer Theme (Mad Decent/Downtown)
5. DJ Jazzy Jeff + The Fresh Prince – Brand New Funk (Jive/Rca)
6. A cassette-taped sample from the TV show ‘Weeds’
7. Santigold – The Keepers (Downtown/Atlantic]
8. RCMP – Mustache Love (Young Robots 001)
9. Nico’s Gun – Dirty Girl [DJ Apt One Remix ft Sammy Bananas] (YR019)
10. Diplo – The Scrappy Chief (Money Studies 031)
11 Amanda Blank – Big Heavy (Downtown Records)
12. Hollertronix #3 – Stay Fly [Mad Decent Remix] (Money Studies 022)
13. DJ Yolo Bear – That Good Good (Lucky Me Records W003)*
14. Diplo ft Rye Rye – Wassup Wassup [DJ Sega Remix] (Mad Decent 087)
15. DJ Sega – Dig (Hollertronix 8/Mad Decent 084)
16. Dev79 – In Ya Face (Seclusiasis 017)
17. Starkey ft Trim – DPMO (Slit Jockey Records 005)
18. Baauer – Harlem Shake [Eliminate’s STFU Remix] (bootleg)
19. Atlas Genius – Trojans [Xaphoon Jones Remix] (Warner Bros)

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Up next, Architekt took over on the decks, and held the fort down for the locals, popping off some stellar tunes that set the tone nicely for the touring members of evening’s entertainment. Architekt seems to be everywhere at the moment; whether producing on his own, working with his Oddzilla project or with Glitch Squad label mates, or rocking out some sweet DJ sets, we can’t seem to keep his name off of our radar for more than a few hours at a time. We wouldn’t be surprised to see him returning to Philly soon as one of the touring members of a show.

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Speaking of locals who have made the leap to nationally touring acts, the one who had made the biggest leap in the shortest period of time is none of than Victor Niglio. It wasn’t too long ago that he was playing opening slots around Philly just for the exposure. Now he has some mega remixes and original productions under his belt, his played all across the country, and is Raging By The Pound night after night.

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For his hometown show, he brought out the entire Niglio clan including his mother and his grand-parents. Philly loves a hometown hero and Niglio is quickly becoming that to his adoring fans. If the place was somewhat empty leading up to his set, the floor was filled by the time he began his set. In addition to his DJ skills, his son skills were on display for all to see on Friday. Part way through his set, he hit the mic to alert the audience that it was his mother’s birthday, he then brought her up on stage with him behind the decks and played her favorite song “Dancing Queen” by ABBA. It was a sweet moment and one were were happy to catch.

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Atlanta’s Mayhem is always a pleasure to catch when he plays out and this show was no exception. We are thrilled at the resurgence of Drum & Bass love in the area and there was no shortage of it during Mayhem’s set.

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We wish we could name more of the tracks that he dropped on Friday, but, although we can’t name them, we can assure you that we, and the rest of the Trocadero crowd, were blown away.

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The headlining of the set was held down by the man, the myth, the legend: SKisM. We were simply in awe from the moment SKisM first stepped behind his four-deck set up and began to unleash his unique brand of bass-driven, mix-intensive, high energy, music.

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Not only were we highly impressed, but everyone from the kids in the front, old heads in the back, and DJs on stage were equally enthralled with his performance. He was joined on stage by MC Leaf Walker (Khadafi Dub) who only aided in hyping up the already excitable crowd.

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The man behind ‘Never Say Die’ Records is clearly a heavy-weight to be reckoned with and if this was the Rage By The Pound Tour, this night just about tipped the scales.

 [Photo credit: D. Jacob Miller Photography]

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