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Radio 104.5 Block Party with MSMR, The War on Drugs, and Nate Ruess

Published On July 14, 2015 | Concerts

When we arrived at the Radio 104.5 Block Party at the Festival Pier on Sunday, July 12th, Philly favorite ‘MSMR’ had just taken the stage and was rocking the audience with radio hit after radio hit. The crowd sang every word to their well-known songs such as ‘Fantasy’ and their newest hit, ‘Painted’. Vocalist Lizzy Plapinger repeatedly thanked the fans at Festival Pier for their support and participation during MSMR’s set, as she animatedly danced around the stage. They closed their crowd pleasing set with their first single ever released, and by far their best known song, ‘Hurricane’ as the crowd reached new heights of excitement (as this was the song many of them came to hear).

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Up next were Philly locals ‘The War on Drugs’. With zero hesitation, they took the stage and plunged directly into their folky indie-rock sound that has given them international acclaim over the years. The crowd went crazy for the entirety of their set as the hometown boys rocked the stage.

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Finally Nate Ruess, lead singer of ‘Fun.’ (and formerly of ‘The Format’) came skipping out on stage with a smile on his face shared by each member of his band. His joy immediately spread to the crowd. It is rare to see someone so contagiously happy to be exactly where they are at that moment in time, and Nate certainly embodies that. Starting his energetic set of with radio hit, ‘Great Big Storm’, Nate bounced around the stage  singing through his smile. Banging out hit after hit, Nate and his backing band had the crowd moving for the entire set.

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All in all it was another great time at another Radio 104.5 Block Party. These events have become a staple of the Summer here in Philly and something we really look forward to each month.

[Photo credit: Conor Gray]

[Article  by Alyssa Anderson]

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