Madeon at The Electric Factory

Madeon brought his “Pixel Empire Tour” to the Electric Factory on Saturday, February 20th. An all ages show always brings about skeptics, but the crowd packed in to watch the one and only opener of the night, Skylar Spence. Hailing from Long Island, and frequently playing for his Philly fans, Skylar Spence knew what the crowd wanted as they eagerly waited for Madeon to take the stage. Formerly known as Saint Pepsi, Skylar Spence brought out a killer set of his nu-disco, pop sound that got the whole venue moving from the first track.

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As the lights dimmed, you could hear the crowd speaking about how excited they were for the one and only “little French magician” to take the stage. Madeon brought back his immersive “Adventure Tour” experience, amped up, which hands down takes his live set to a completely new dimension.

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Madeon took the stage around 9:30. From the start of the set, you could feel the happiness of not only the crowd, but Madeon, as he started to get the fans ready for what was about to come. His signature high-end, funky, nu-disco, electro house sound truly is one of a kind, and what obviously keeps the fans coming back above all else. With originals like “You’re On,” “The City,” and “Pay No Mind,” (featuring Passion Pit) played throughout the night, you could feel the energy throughout the venue.

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To our delight, remixes by Madeon of staple tracks in the electronic scene such as “Raise Your Weapon” by Deadmau5 and “Night Out” by Martin Solveig were intertwined with new originals. This may mean a new album coming soon (we hope!). The live mashup of “Pop Culture”, once just a YouTube video in 2011, rocked the Electric Factory on Saturday night. The feels had to be hit multiple times throughout the evening, with songs like “La Lune” featuring Dan Smith from Bastille and the closing song of the night, “Home.” With live vocals during “Home,” the venue was definitely transformed into one happy family.

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Madeon had this post on Facebook on Sunday evening (the last show of this tour):

“The Pixel Empire Tour ended yesterday! Thank you to everyone who came to see the show. It’s been the most intense and beautiful tour I’ve ever been on. It was a real privilege to play those venues and meet all kinds of awesome people along the way. The Adventure era is closing and my head is full of ideas and ambitions.. See you next time ! – Hugo”

[Photos by: Josh Campbell Photography]

[Article by Alyssa Anderson]

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