Interview With Seven Lions

Seven Lions  has made his undeniable mark on electronic music since he broke onto the scene at the early part of this decade. From that moment on, he’s become one of our favorite DJ/producers and his eclectic style and personality have really set him apart from the herd. Before he arrives in Philly today for an action packed show at District N9ne, we took the time to speak with him about his humble beginning, new music in the works, his dog, zombies, and a slew of other topics.

Independent Philly: Seven Lions is a catchy moniker and fits your style very well. Where did the name come from? 

Seven Lions: The name comes from a book actually, by Gene Wolfe. 

Independent Philly: How did you come to select that as your DJ name?

Seven Lions: It was just a cool name that I liked in the book. 

Independent Philly: If you had to rebrand yourself right now on the spot, what new DJ name would you choose?

Seven Lions: Probably ‘DJ Jelly Doughnut’ or some other food related item. I’m mostly just joking about that. 

Independent Philly: What’s the first memory you have of music in your life?

Seven Lions: My dad’s a musician and there was always music around the house. 

Independent Philly: How were you first exposed to electronic music? 

Seven Lions: Basically my cousin gave me a ‘Tiesto’ mix CD in like 2005 and that was my first foray into electronic music. I think it was called ‘Tiesto Revolution’. 

Independent Philly: What was your first performance like as Seven Lions? 

Seven Lions: I think it was at a frat party and it wasn’t very good. 


Independent Philly: You’re playing a show here on Friday, November 18th at District N9ne. Do you have a favorite memory from a past show in the Philly area? 

Seven Lions: Every show in Philly has been pretty epic. There is a smaller venue, Soundgarden Hall, and those shows have always been epic. I think the crowd there was always really good. 

Independent Philly: When you sit down to produce a track, where does your inspiration come from? 

Seven Lions: It could be my mood, or I just sit down with a melody and I go from there. It really just depends though but it’s really just more of a mood based kind of thing. 

Independent Philly: You’ve released an album a year for the past three years. Does that mean we can expect a new one in 2017?

Seven Lions: Yeah it’s actually pretty much finished. 

Independent Philly: Can you tell us anything about it? 

Seven Lions: No, not yet. There are going to be at least four tracks on it, maybe more, but other than that, no. 

Independent Philly: What was it like to work with ‘Illenium’ and ‘Said The Sky’ on your latest release? Do you feel as though they are the future when it comes to the style that you are so well known for? 

Seven Lions:Yeah I definitely think they are on the up-and-up with that kind of style, for sure. Both of them have been really crushing it lately. They are just really good musicians and it was just a really easy collaboration. 

Independent Philly: Outside of those two producers, are there other artists that you view as rising stars at the moment? 

Seven Lions: Not really, like if I was going to say who I thought is really up and coming, I mean Illenium has already kind of broke, it would be Said The Sky; he’s really not far behind. 

Independent Philly: Thanksgiving is coming up next week. What are you most thankful for this year? 

Seven Lions: My wife and my dog, that’s pretty much every year. 

Independent Philly: What kind of dog do you have? 

Seven Lions: She’s a mix. She’s like a Boarder Collie/Staffie. 

Independent Philly: What’s her name? 

Seven Lions: ‘Khaleesi’. 

Independent Philly: ‘Game Of Thrones’ inspired, very nice. 

Seven Lions: Yeah, it’s a great name. 


Independent Philly: Speaking of great shows, I just spent last night catching up on ‘The Walking Dead’, are you a fan? 

Seven Lions: I watched the first two seasons and then it just became kind of the same zombie attack, zombie attack, zombie attack, and I just kind of fell out of it. I’ve been into ‘West World’ lately though. 

Independent Philly: If you happened to turn into a zombie, who is the first other DJ/producer that you would eat? 

Seven Lions: Probably all of the food related DJs. 

Independent Philly: Tell us something about yourself that would surprise, or even shock our readers…

Seven Lions: We went ‘LARPing‘ for the first time a few days ago, in Vermont, no wait, it was Ottawa. We went Lurking in Ottawa. 

Independent Philly: How did that go? 

Seven Lions: It was awesome, so much fun. That was nerd-next-level but it was really, really cool. 

Independent Philly: Fantastic. Thank you, we are looking forward to your show here on Friday. 

Seven Lions: Cool thanks, me too. 

We’ll be covering Seven Lions show at District N9ne tonight. If you’d like to join us, you can snag advanced tickets here.

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[Interview by David Miller & Adam Leopold]

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