Interview with Sean Foreman of 3OH!3

For the third interview in our Vans Warped Tour series, we chatted with Sean Foreman from electro-pop duo “3OH!3“.With double platinum track “Don’t Trust Me”, a nomination for “Best New Artist” alongside Lady Gaga, Kid Cudi, and Drake, at the 2009 Video Music Awards, and other big time hits with the likes of Ke$ha and Katy Perry already under their belts, the sky is the limit for 3OH!3.

The Warped Tour rolls into the Philly area (Camden) this Thursday, July 21st. Independent Philly will be there to catch all of the action we know this latest interview will help you get pumped up to see 3OH!3 and the other stellar acts that will be gracing the stages in 48 hours!

Independent Philly: What was it like hearing yourselves on the radio for the first time?

Sean Foreman: I was confused.  I remember being like “Wait, how did the CD player turn on?  Wait a minute, there’s no CD in there.”

Independent Philly: For those guys out there that don’t heed your warning in “Don’t Trust Me” and decide to trust a ho, what are they getting themselves into?

Sean Foreman: People seem to ignore to whole message of the song which is “don’t trust a ho, because a ho won’t trust ME”.  I’m the one who can’t keep my shit together.

IP: Are there any circumstances in which it is okay to trust a ho?

SF: When a rake just isn’t cutting it.

IP: What has been the reaction so far to your new single “Robot”?

SF: Great. Especially live, which to us is the true test of a new song.  When I ask people to dance the robot they all do it!

IP: What can fans expect from your fourth album due out later this year?

SF: A few steps forward with a few steps backwards.  I know that makes no sense, but I feel like our production and song writing has advanced a lot, but we want to pull it back to the realm where we’re most comfortable: making large beats and hooky verses.

IP: If you had the choice to wake up in the morning with Ke$ha (feeling like P-Diddy) or be Katy Perry’s teenage dream, which would you choose?

SF: Usually I go to sleep with what I think is Katy Perry’s teenage dream and actually wake up feeling more like P-Diddy.

IP: What was it like to get sued by a former professional wrestler (Diamond Dallas Page) for copyright infringement of hand gesture? Did you get any tips from Jay-Z who had also faced the same law-suit from DDP?

SF: I’m training to do another marathon!

IP:What is your favorite part about being on the Warped Tour? Least favorite part?

SF: My favorite part is the fans and the camaraderie.  The worst part is sweating in the port-a-potty. 

IP: If you could put together your own tour (you get to headline) and you could pick 4 other acts (large or small) who would you bring, and why?

SF: I would bring Queen, Why?, NIN, LCD Soundsystem, because those are a few of the best shows I’ve ever seen. Although I haven’t seen Queen, I can only imagine. 

IP: Quick word association… first thing that comes to mind…


Pitch it right down the pipe!


Cheese Steak


Ton ton


Rocky Mountain Oysters

Apple Juice…

Bowel movement



Helen Keller…

Sign Language

IP: What’s the craziest thing you’ve experienced since you began touring?

SF: Playing in Japan.

IP: Tell us something that would surprise, or even shock, our readers…

SF: I have 3 nipples. 

We’ve heard these guys put on one hell of a live show so we expect to see you all rocking out to 3OH!3 and the rest of the Warped Tour this Thursday! See you there!


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