Interview with Martin Garrix

Dutch DJ/producer Martin Garrix has accomplished more by the age of 17 than many people achieve in a life time. He’s produced a #1 hit, worked with some of the biggest names in EDM, traveled the globe playing gigs at some of the World’s largest festivals, and did an interview with Independent Philly.

Independent Philly: We know you’ve spent time at a school for music producers, what are some of the most valuable lessons you learned there? How hard is it to balance school with your music career?

 Martin Garrix: I learned a lot about the business side of the industry and some new production tools. It’s getting more and more difficult, because of my exploding gig schedule. But I promised to finish school, so I’ll figure it out I guess. Besides, I’m on a special school for musicians and artists, so I’m not the only one with this life style.

IP: “Animals” was one of the seminal hits of 2013. What was it like achieving so much success, quickly, at such a young age?

MG: It still feels unreal sometimes. It all happened so fast, like an explosion you know. But I am really hyped about the success of ‘Animals’ and ‘Wizard’, it was an amazing year!

 IP: In addition to your own productions you’ve put out some killer remixes. Do you prefer creating your own productions or reworking other producers tracks?  Is the process any different when remixing your own track (like “Animals” with Victor Niglio)?

MG: I love doing both. Of course it’s super special to create your own records; it really is a part of my self. Reworking other tracks is also quite cool. I like working together with different producers. Of course the process is different, producing a new track is like creating something all new, while reworking an already existing track is more like giving your own twist to the record.

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IP: We’re just over 3 weeks into 2014. What were some of the coolest experiences you had in 2013? 

MG: My tour in Asia was super cool, and all of the festival gigs I played. But every gig is an adventure, too many awesome experiences in 2013!

IP: We know you just reworked Bassjackers track ‘Crackin’. What other new music are you currently working on?

MG: I am about to release a track I did with Firebeatz ‘Helicopter’ and also a track with Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike.

IP: Who are some of your favorite DJs/Producers? If they were Animals, what animal would they be (and why)? What kind of animal would you be?

MG: Tiesto, Hardwell, Sander van Doorn to name a few. Tiesto would be a great Lion, because of his leading position in the industry. Hardwell would be a tiger, because of his growing world conquest. Sander van Doorn would be a wolf because of his experience and wisdom. I would be a bird, just because. Haha!  

IP: What kind of equipment do you use to perform at your shows?

MG: 3 Pioneer CDJ 2000 Nexus.

IP: Who are some other producers/artists you’d like to collaborate with this year?

MG: Calvin Harris, Tiesto, Hardwell.

IP: Your Facebook page says you aren’t a superhero, but if you were, what would you want your powers to be?

 MG: I could fly!

Independent Philly: Tell us something about yourself that would surprise or even shock our readers (that they wouldn’t already know)…

MG: I can sleep ANYWHERE! I just love to sleep.

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