The Glitch Mob at The Electric Factory

We catch a ton of shows in Philadelphia (and around the country) but few seem to have polarized views from fans like The Glitch Mob show from Friday, March 14th at the Electric Factory.

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This show was very highly anticipated from the second it was announced as The Glitch Mob hasn’t toured in years and had just dropped their sophomore album, ‘Love, Death, Immortality’ in February.

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The show featured opening sets by ‘Ana Sia’, and ‘Penthouse Penthouse’. We were definitely more impressed with Ana Sia than we were with Penthouse Penthouse. Ana Sia’s set was high energy with an eclectic mix of old and new tracks (several we’d never heard before). Penthouse Penthouse didn’t really offer anything exciting in our minds and we thought it was a bit dull from start to finish.

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The Electric Factory was packed to the gills by the time The Glitch Mob hit the stage around 1045pm. The raucous cheers began the moment two stage hands removed the drop cloth that was covering their mega stage set-up. Moments later, the lights dimmed and the trio of “Ooah”, “Boreta”, and “edIT appeared. The place went bananas.

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Before we get to the music, lets talk about their stage set-up. Included in the numerous innovations being unveiling on the current tour is a custom-built technology that lets the band trigger samples in real-time, and play them like live riffs, infusing their electronic music performance with improvisation, and the energy and theatrics of a live rock show.The stage and visual production was designed by Martin Phillips and his team at Bionic League (whose work includes live performance experience design for Daft Punk, Kaskade, deadmau5, Kanye West, and beyond). Simply put, this thing is bad-ass.

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The Glitch Mob dove into many of the tracks off of ‘Love, Death, Immortality’ as well as several tunes off of their debut album ‘Drink The Sea’ and some remixes of other artists (like “Breathe” by Prodigy). The near sell-out crowd seemed to be raging and having a good time throughout the entire set. We enjoyed almost every song from start to finish, but that’s not surprising as we were fans of the new album and knew it would be heavily featured.

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Their set lasted for almost 2 hours, and they also returned for an encore before ending the show. Once it was over, we began speaking to various people who had attended the show and were shocked at the variance in views of those who had been there. Here are some of the quotes we got that show just how differently people felt about the performance:

“I’ve been to a ton of EDM shows and that was easily in the top 5!”

“Didn’t think I could get bored quicker than the last Glîtch Mob show I went to but it happened.”

“I haven’t been to an EDM show that good in Philly in a really, really long time!”

“That wasn’t even live, it was pre-recorded and they faked the whole thing. Lame.”

“Mind. Blown.”

“I don’t really like their new music, I wasn’t impressed.”

“If you didn’t love that set you should stop going to shows!”

“It was decent, not the best show I’ve seen, but not close to the worst either.” 

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Crazy, right? Those aren’t nearly all the comments we got, we just wanted to illustrate the fact that people seemed to either love or hate the show. Clearly every show is a unique experience for each person but in speaking to people post-shows, there generally seems to be more of a collective agreement about the quality of the performance. As we see it, if you didn’t like the music on the latest album, we’re not really sure what you were expecting to be different at the show. We thought it was exciting, we enjoyed the music and the visuals, and the definitely thought they gave fans their money’s worth. For others considering catching them on tour else where (as a stand alone show or at a festival) we suggest you listen to ‘Love, Death, Immortality’. If you like it, go see the show, it is very true to the album. If you don’t dig their more recently tracks, save your money for something us. We certainly wouldn’t mind catching The Glitch Mob again this year!

[Photo credit: D. Jacob Miller Photography]

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