Figure & Midnight Tyrannosaurus at District N9ne

Friday June 3rd, 2016 will go down in history as one of the filthiest nights that Philadelphia has ever experienced. Our homies at EDM Entertainment and University EDM teamed with the venue District N9ne to bring Philly bassheads an absolute smack down of savagery, featuring great local talent, along with direct support by Midnight Tyrannosaurus, and an epic headlining bid by Halloween monster Figure. A few surprise guests made appearances as well, making the night one we will never forget. It was filled with unfiltered heaviness that left the crowd begging for more at the end of the fantastically filthy adventure.

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Opening duties were handled by local openers Tesitorra, Syfer, and Brienwithane who all brought to the decks their own individual styles. Rallying around bass music of all different varieties, the three warmed up the crowd splendidly and had people dancing up until the time of the main acts. We were hoping for more of a build up in a sense, and while we are used to openers laying the ground work for the headlining acts, that did not happen here. It was good and bad, but it did give the openers a chance to show off their skills, which is never a bad thing.

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Next up was a creature who is known to be one of the most ruthless new dubstep dons to walk the planet. Hailing from a prehistoric world, Midnight Tyrannosaurus’s ferocity was clear from his opening song. There was no turning back now, Philly’s bass fans were locked and loaded and preparing for their journey to the next level. Over the course of his hour long set, Midnight T murdered the crowd with double and triple drops that left attendees speechless. His classic vocal edits only made for more epicness as ‘Rick and Morty’ fans in the building felt as if they were surrounded by their favorite TV characters, and were raging along side of them. Mosh pits, headbangers, and practically blown ear drums are the signs that Midnight T is in the house, and he brought all of that and more to District N9ne on Friday night.

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Now it was time for the main headliner to take the stage. After what we had experienced with Midnight T, there was fear lurking in the air that Figure could not top the previous set. Little did we know that Figure would make mince meat out of Midnight T that night, and show us why Midnight T is an animal that came long after Figure. Figure has paved the road for acts like Midnight T to flourish in our scene. The stage welcomed a man covered from head to toe in tattoos and a big smile from ear to ear, the lovable ghoul had arrived. Figure took his headlining duties and put the rest of dubstep to shame with a perfect mix of his own monster-fueled originals, and many of the biggest songs in bass music right now. Fans in District N9ne scattered for any railing or open space they could find, as the force of head slamming had entered the room and was not prepared to leave. An onslaught of bangers left the crowd speechless, yet also screaming primordially for more by the end of the set. We commend Figure for this performance, as it is not the first time we’ve seen him, but it sure as hell was the best.

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While we thought the night was over, we were delightfully surprised to see two more bodies walk up to the decks after the main headliner. These two were Philly’s own Slushii and Kris Cayden. With Slushii’s recent fame, as well as his release on Monstercat and his new remix of Killa that was released on OWSLA, we were excited to see what he had in store for us tonight. They continued the heaviness that had encompassed the crowd all night, and played a set of outright bangers. This surprise completed the perfect night for us, and towards the end of the set, we walked towards the exit to head home.

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As we left the venue, the cool city air blew against our sweat covered bodies. Our necks were sore, and our bodies ached, and we couldn’t have been any happier. We look forward to our next night in the city with EDM Entertainment and University EDM, and will make sure Santa delivers our neck braces a few months early this year.

[Photo credit: JR Photography]

[Article by Adam Leopold]

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