Mixmash Pool Party at National Hotel & Topless at Carlton Hotel

On Thursday, March 22nd, while Group Therapy Miami was taking place in downtown Miami, there were several great pool party events that splashed down in Miami Beach.

Our day started at the National Hotel where a silly amount of people showed up for Laidback Luke’s Mixmash pool party. So many people showed up in fact that over 600 were turned away at the door (something Laidback Luke apologized for in the interview we did we him later that week at Ultra).

Inside it was just what you’d expect… great tunes, dancing, splashing, Paris Hilton, and over priced drinks.

We arrived in time to catch Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano on the decks. They were followed by Tommy Trash who kept the party rolling along until Laidback Luke took over just before 6pm. Other DJ’s of note to play the party included Felix Cartel and Sander Van Doorn.

Once Laidback Luke had finished playing, we moved on to our second pool party of the day at the Carlton Hotel where Topless (a party by SpinSpinNYC and Yerba Buena Discos) was under way. The sweet little event, with one of our favorite all time house DJs, Roy Davis Jr., was a nice change of pace. It wasn’t packed, had a nice chill vibe, live drumming, and we enjoyed kicking back, relaxing, and chatting it up with our good friends Nutritious and Zoe Wilder from NYC.

These two parties were the perfect Ying & Yang for our first full day in Miami.

You can check out a full combined photo gallery from both pool party events below:

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