Above & Beyond: Group Therapy Miami

We thoroughly enjoyed Above & Beyond when they brought Group Therapy to Philadelphia back in February.  We were thrilled to hear that they were kicking off the festivities in Bayfront Park the night before Ultra Music Festival with a Group Therapy session that featured Boom Jinx, Jaytech, Mat Zo, Arty, and of course, Above & Beyond.

The event took place in Bayfront Park on Thursday March 22nd from 5-11pm and the party people came out in droves to enjoy the beautiful weather and world-class DJs.

It was time for some serious group therapy where most people just let go of their stress and inhibitions and just got down and dirty. Others will probably need a little therapy to get over some of these photos of themselves.

Seriously though, haven’t we all gotten a little wasted and been humped by a cardboard robot?

We think the photos will speak for themselves so please enjoy the full gallery below:

[photo credits: Steve Garfinkel]

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