Downlink Assaults Philly with Bass, Bass, and more Bass

If there was any resentment towards Steez Promo for the unfortunate cancellation of Moonrise Festival, it was not shown on Thursday Night, when a huge crowd came out to Soundgarden Hall to see Downlink perform at the latest edition of Bass Nation.


The supporting line-up featured performances by Schmohawk, Dr. Ew, Mojo Risin, and LoveCityDJs.



When we got to Soundgarden Hall, there was already a decent sized crowd at the venue, especially considering that this was a Thursday night.  With two more acts still slated to go before the headliner, Downlink, came on, the night was shaping up very nicely.


We first saw Schmohawk, who features Soundgarden’s finest hype man, DJ Aaron Ruxbin.


Schmohawk played to an increasingly large sized crowd, and put on a set that reminded us of how spoiled Philly is with our slew of local talent.


By the time LoveCityDJs, the final opening act of the night, came on stage, the size of the audience had just about reached its peak.




LCD played an awesome set, and we expected nothing less from him. When 1am rolled around, it was time for Downlink to take over. It seemed as if LCD was enjoying himself too much to stop playing, but such is the life of the supporting DJ, and we could tell the entire crowd was beyond excited for the headliner.




Downlink hit the stage and immediately began assaulting the crowd with bass.  His track selection was spot on, and it seemed as if he was feeding off the energy of the crowd at every turn, jumping high into the air when his songs hit their peaks, and looking as if he was having a fantasic time.



Downlink played a few different tracks that he said he had never played before, but our personal favorite was his decision to play a song from his newest project, Destroid, which is a newly formed EDM super-group and live dubstep band that consists of himself, Excision, and former Pendulum drummer KJ Sawka.



The crowd was the largest we can remember seeing on a Thursday night, and SGH remained packed until the show’s scheduled end time of 230am.  Continuing the trend of DJs who weren’t content to walk away at the end of their set, Downlink treated the crowd to not just one, but multiple encore songs at the end of the night.



Downlink ended the night by playing an absolutely killer song produced by Lucky Date (Listen here).  Once the lights came on and the fans started leaving, he took the time to talk to some fans who stuck around, which is something we always love seeing artists do.  

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[Photo credit: Garfinkel’s Photos]

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