Diplo at Soundgarden Hall: Things Get Expletive Expressive

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On Sunday, January 20th, 2013, superstar DJ and producer, Diplo, took his one of a kind show to the air. Not the airwaves, we’re talking about the skies… in a helicopter.

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Playing four shows in a single day, the trek (branded “Trap Hawk Down”) took Diplo from Baltimore, to Philly, to Atlantic City, to New York City.

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We caught the second leg of his tour in Philly at Soundgarden Hall. The event sold out weeks in advance with fans anticipating a night of mayhem and self expression.

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The doors of Soundgarden Hall opened at 7pm. Those of arrived early were rewarded with spots close to the stage as well as fast entry into the club. As the night pressed on, the lines outside of the venue grew to lengths we have not previously witnessed there, all on one of the coldest nights of the year.

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After opening sets from Aaron Ruxbin, Schmohawk, and LoveCityDJ’s (all of who did a great job of warming up the crowd), Diplo hit the decks at 9:30pm to play a 90 minute set.

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The next hour and a half was just what we had expected, dirty beats, debauchery, and everything else that has become common place at a Diplo show.

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He began his set wearing a hoodie, transitioned to a T-shirt, removed his shirt altogether (encouraging everyone in the crowd to do the same), and eventually dawned the T-shirt again.

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He climbed on top of the DJ table, he invited females on stage to “express themselves, and he dropped a slew of fan favorites and new tunes that had the place going bananas.

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When he was finished, the ceilings were literally dripping with condensation from the heat generated by the packed house. It was crazy.


LoveCityDJs took over again around 11pm before handing the reigns over to Ethan Dubb followed by BHB (who closed out the night).

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We can sum up the night like this: Diplo, Fly High, Get Down.

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