Cashmere Cat at Union Transfer

Are you a cat or dog person? As to not step on any toes (or tails), we think it’s safe to say that everyone inside of the Union Transfer in the late hours of the night on April 22nd, are most definitely feline fans. However, it is not the conventional idea of the animal they were excited for, but the beautiful, genre pushing, convention defying sounds of Cashmere Cat that they came to lap up like a bowl of milk.

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When Cashmere Cat made his stop in Philadelphia on his US tour this past weekend, Union Transfer found itself full with jiving and boogying concert goers, ecstatic to see Cashmere Cat drop his thumping jersey house/future bass/every-other-genre-combined tunes.

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Australian native, Nina Las Vegas opened the show for CC, putting on an impeccable performance of everything from new Kendrick Lamar to some of her own tracks and remixes. Nina’s energy was contagious, as she bounced around and danced during her entire set. Mid-set, Cashmere Cat himself made an appearance and left a mysterious plant next to Nina’s turntables. Her hyper and upbeat set clocked in just under an hour, and fans were perfectly warmed up for the headlining honcho.

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Mr. Cat (Cashmere to his close friends) emerged onstage to roars of excitement from the crowd. His silhouette barely visible through a huge cloud of mysterious pink smoke. The stage and lighting were very simplistic, which really allowed the artists and sounds to be the centerpiece of the performance. Cashmere Cat then proceeded to play a detonating set, featuring almost all of his original tracks that his fans all know and love. Notably, he played out his newest track ‘9’ featuring MO, and his classic remix of ‘Do you…’ by Miguel.

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Due to the original and distinctive nature of Cashmere Cat, the vibes of the show were very refreshing and different. The crowd did not stop moving the entire set, and even during some of the more intimate and emotional parts of the set, you could see friends and lovers holding each other dearly. Swaying back and forth to the beautiful noise, the crowd seemed to be united as one. With Cashmere Cat touring so rarely and performing so minimally at festivals, it was a real treat to be able to see his genius live. We can’t wait for him to (hopefully) come back soon so Philly can get another dose of the whiskers we all adore.

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[Photos by C2H2 Photo]

[Article by Gabrielle Meunier]

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