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Carnage at The Fillmore

Papi Gordo Tour ft Kayzo, Valentino Khan and Dj Carnage w/ Special Guest Crizzly

This show, on Friday, February 12, had been sold out for weeks and the Philadelphia crowd had been looking forward to Carnage’s return to Philadelphia ever since his last show at the Electric Factory over a year and a half ago. This time he was bringing a full roaster of great artists along with him. Kayzo and Valentino Khan are both DJs based out of LA. Valentino is a huge bass fan who is killing it right now with his single “Deep Down Low” which some very big DJs have been remixing, and dropping, across the country.

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Kayzo started the night out with a very energetic set that got all of the early arrivers dancing. He had played at the Fillmore a couple months ago along with Adventure Club so it was great to have him back in the city for another energetic set. Valentino’s set was filled with loads of bass. Every fan that walked in during his set immediately started dancing. The energy he showed while performing was reciprocated by the crowd. When he finally dropped “Deep Down Low” the crowd went nuts and he wound up dropping it several different times.

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After Valentino and before the headliner, Carnage, the special guest of the night, Crizzly, hit the stage and his set was a true treat. The way that he mixes so many different genres of music together kept the entire crowd on its toes. He had an MC along with him that could not have done his job any better. At one point during the performance the MC jumped into the crowd to start a proper mosh pit and that is exactly what happened. Crizzly’s remixes of hit songs like “Hard in the Paint” by Waka Flocka Flame and “Chain Hang Low” by Chingy were definitely some of the highlights of his set. The crowd seemed to love it every time he mixed in Hip-Hop samples. Another notable thing about Crizzly’s set was his graphics and the props that he uses to keep the crowd involved. During the end of his set he brought out a huge blow up pizza slice that he sent out into the audience for people to crowd surf on top of. Once Crizzly’s set was over, which so many people did not want to see end, there was a good 15 minute break as the crew started to build and add the production for Carnage’s stage set up (along with a much larger screen for his graphics).

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Carnage also had plenty of other surprises up his sleeve. He had a great intro put together by his videographer Chris Yoder and once that ended it was time for absolute mayhem. Carnage played hit after hit with some of the most explosive drops I’ve seen in a while. We were there last January at the Electric Factory when Carnage performed his number one hit “WDYW” live for the first time. Since they had just finished filming the music video, A$AP Ferg, Rich the Kid, and Lil Uzi Vert were all in Philadelphia along with Carnage.

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This time when Carnage dropped WDYW the crowd went crazy. He actually ran the song back so that everyone could feel the drop one more time. Carnage played for an hour and a half and when his set finally ended everyone was looking around trying to figure out what they had just witnessed. His performance was definitely one of the most energetic sets we have seen in a while. At the end, he told the crowd that they had just “been in a stage of Carnage”. He then dropped the mic and walked off stage like a champ. We can’t wait for the next time he brings a tour through Philly.

[Photos & Article by: Sam Cones]

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