Big Gigantic, Cherub, & The Floozies at The Fillmore

When ‘The Brighter Future’ tour was first announced for the City of Philadelphia, Big Gigantic fanatics raved about the intense night in store for those who were about to lose their saxophone virginity. What wasn’t anticipated, however, was the addition of the ‘Your Girlfriend Already Bought Tickets’ tour, comprised of ProbCause, The Floozies, and Cherub. Philadelphia had to seize the day, selling-out the event in advance, leaving hopeful patrons scrambling for tickets on event pages and outside the venue on Saturday, February 18.

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ProbCause, a “future, classic space rap” artist, opened the show with fire beats and got the crowd excited for what the rest of the night had in store. With features on Gramatik, Griz, and Chance the Rapper tracks, ProbCause brought a flavor to the night that was unmatched by any other act. The Chicago native showed Philly that the ‘Your Girlfriend Already Bought Tickets’ tour meant business.

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The Floozies, a duo of brothers hailing from Kansas, brought their signature combination of electronic production with downright funk, showcased by their unreal live drumming. Their set left us saying: we are definitely not in Kansas anymore, Toto.  We wish they’d used their own lighting and laser rigs to give the full Floozies effect. The rocked out several excellent songs like “Sun Roof Cadillac” and “Simple,” and even brought out opener ProbCause to collab with them.

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The funk continued as Cherub took the stage. Opening with “Xoxo,” the duo of Jordan Kelley and Jason Huber from Nashville brought their epic shenanigans to the stage. For “Hold Me”, they brought out Dom from Big Gigantic.The crowd went absolutely wild for “Doses and Mimosas” because, well, why not?  Although their set (along with the Floozies) was cut to only forty minutes, along with not using their own screens and lighting rigs, they brought epic funk and drumming while being able to entertain the massive Fillmore crowd. During a lengthy set-break following Cherub, the crowd got to talking about what they were most anticipating from the headlining act.

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The lights dimmed, and the sax and drums that set the iconic duo, Big Gigantic, apart from traditional electronic music sent a funky feel throughout the audience, a vibe that stayed with the crowd from beginning to end. Big G performed classics as well as adding some new flavor with songs off their most recent album ‘Brighter Future’. The team of Dominic Lalli (production, saxophone) and Jeremy Salken (drums) synced up perfectly to deliver Philadelphia with what they were begging for: funk and bass. Big Gigantic brought out performers from all of the opening acts, with whom they either had collaborated on songs, or simply to spice up the set with some fire additions. This left a crowd with a refreshing taste of Big Gigantic to gossip about until they roll through the City of Brotherly Love once more. Lalli’s sultry sax sang through the halls of the venue as they performed songs like, “All of Me,” “Touch The Sky,” and some other epic tracks such as “Loco Ono” by Bassnectar.

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All the acts electrified the sold-out Fillmore crowd, and had us hype for the next “livetronica” show. The mash up of the two epic tours resulted in one wild, crazy night for funky electronic fans in the city. Kudos to all involved on putting it together.

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[Photo credit: C2H2 Photo]

[Article by Alyssa Anderson]

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