Pretty Good Dance Moves: Limo


New York’s Pretty Good Dance Moves Feat. Sabina Sciubba (Brazilian Girls) will be releasing their new album “LIMO” on February 7th 2012 (MAD Dragon / Township Records).

We got our hands on an advanced copy and asked the newest member of our staff, music extraordinaire, Catface, to break it down for you. A talented musician in his own right, Catface has a deep appreciation for (and understanding of) the nuances of music and production. Good or bad, gushing or critical, if Catface says it, you can take it to the sound-bank.

“The recipe seems all too simple. Loop a beat. Add ambient textures, a synth bass, stir in some smooth multilingual vocals, a nice muted horn solo, pepper with ear candy, and serve. Then again, maybe it isn’t so simple. I sure as hell wouldn’t know where to start. But Pretty Good Dance Moves, on their newest release titled “LIMO”, knows just where to start… and they know where to finish too. Top to bottom LIMO is a solid effort with some utterly beautiful vocals by Brazilian Girls singer, Sabina Sciubba. Check out “Movement 2” to hear Sciubba sing a great hook about “frozen sunsets” over an infectious bass groove bouncing on the horizon. If you’re getting ready to enter the ring, or take your driver’s test, “Movement 4” is sure to get you pumped. My favorite however, in this trove of sonic goodies, has to be the last movement (Movement 8), in which Sciubba emotes an all too brief melody of requited love over the repeated refrain of “I Wonder Why”.

–Catface, December 18th, 2011

In support of LIMO, Pretty Good Dance Moves will be playing month-long residencies in Philadelphia and New York City (with four shows in each city between 01/05/12 and 02/08/12).

We have a treat for you! You can check out LIMO‘s final track, “Movement 8: I Wonder Why” below:


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