Ahoy! Savoy at The Blockley


On Thursday, January 17th, The Blockley played host to a night of musical madness that saw fans set sail on a voyage of visual and auditory stimulation.

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Presented by Art of Electronica, the event featured opening DJ sets by Jordan Flixx, Nate Dark, and Dubsef.

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The crowd, thin at the start of the night, filled out nicely as the hours ticked by.


The evening was highlighted by a set from At Dawn We Rage, and a live set by Savoy, complete with a redonkulous laser light show.


This was just the second stop on Savoy’s Live with Lasers tour which will stretch into late February as they travel around the country.

DSC_0374_h DSC_0343_h

It’s not often that such a heavy-hitting laser show is displayed in a smaller venue like The Blockley and it was stunning to witness. The performance by Savoy, which showcased live drumming as one of their many tricks, was spot on.


Savoy successfully lased the target and as a result, the night was a direct hit.

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