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Adventure Club at Starlight Ballroom: Bass Lines or Flat Lines?


On Friday, March 29th, Adventure Club (with support from David Vaux, Night Kids, and Mitis) played the Starlight Ballroom as part of a rescheduled show presented by Art of Electronica.  With the show sold-out before the doors even opened, the night had a lot of potential from the start.


DJ David Vaux, who just released his first original production, Gunner (with Chris Rivera) was up first and did a great job of warming the crowd up as the venue slowly began to fill in. Night Kids took over from there and kept the party going for those who were already inside.


The line to get into Starlight Ballroom stretched far down the block for the majority of the night, and the promoters were scared that they would not be able to get everyone into the venue by the time the headliner went on stage.  However, the venue staff and AOE kept the line moving, and by the time Adventure Club hit the stage, everyone in line had made their way inside.


Mitis, a Pennsylvania native, has produced everything from Electro-House to Dubstep tracks, and he put his talents on full display, playing a set that was filled with a wide variety of music.


Overall, Mitis put on a great set and had the crowd in full gear by the time Adventure Club was set to go on.


After a final thank you to the crowd from Mitis, Adventure Club took over the mic and the DJ booth.


While tons of people showed up Friday night, it was clear that many left the Starlight Ballroom feeling let down.  Adventure Club has produced some amazing tracks, such as Need Your Heart, Wait, Retro City and their remixes to Crave You, and Lullabies.  Their remixes and original tracks frequently make their way into the sets of the biggest names in the EDM scene; their talent as producers is both recognized and admired.


Fans who showed up expecting unheard remixes and spot-on mixing complained (both in person and on social media) that they were unsatisfied.  While all the tracks that Adventure Club played during their set were awesome, they did not flow well together, nor were they mixed with any flair from one song to the next.  The only mixing that really occurred was track 1 fading into track 2, and then track 2 fading into track 3, it was more like a playlist of great songs that was put on shuffle on your Ipod.


  Despite the disapproval of some fans, the venue was packed, the crowd was screaming and raging until the very last song, and it wasn’t as if anyone left the venue early.  So we ask, how let down could the attendees voicing their complaints really be?

It does lend one question though…do (most) fans these days really care about the quality of a DJs set, or are they bound to have a good time regardless?

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[Photos by Steven Garfinkel]

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