Above & Beyond: Things Gets Theraputic at Soundgarden Hall

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Trance music fans got a three hour group therapy session at Soundgarden Hall on Friday, February 15th from EDM legends Above & Beyond.

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The sold-0ut show, presented by Steez Promo, catered to an older crowd than usual at SGH, as patrons had to be at least 21 years old to enter the venue. This also allowed everyone in attendance to consume alcohol throughout the venue, something that is normally reserved for specific areas of the club.

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The opening slot for the night went to Blake Jarrell who set the stage for Above & Beyond as SGH began to fill quickly to capacity. Joined on stage by various dancers and performers, Jarrell dropped some tremendous trance tracks, titillating those who showed up early to catch his set.

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The crowd continued to grow in size and by the time Above & Beyond hit the stage for their three hour set at 11pm, it was packed, hot, and sweaty inside SGH. Fans erupted into cheers as the headliners took the stage in front of a giant digital wall which read “Hello Philly, it’s good to be back”.

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Sipping Yuengling lagers, Tony McGuinness and Jono Grant dove right in to their roles as Zen masters, taking trance fans on a spiritual journey, and rocking them into a euphoric trance.

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The next three hours were just sheer madness as the purveyors of Group Therapy tore down the walls of inhibition, stress, and any other negative feelings that existed in the crowd before their set began.

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As an added bonus, Super8 & Tab who had been added to the bill earlier in the day played a one hour set from 2am-3am to ease the pain of those that wished Above & Beyond could play eternally.

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The evening was a wild success and allowed older trance fans to have a rare night at Soundgarden Hall that they could call their own. We give it four crazy thumbs up!

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Above & Beyond’s next stop is NYC for their Anjunabeats Volume 10′ Launch Party at Roseland Ballroom this evening.

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